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Psoriasis Self-Care Tip 6: Drink Moderately, or Not at All

Psoriasis is more common in people who drink alcohol heavily. Men’s psoriasis may be affected more by drinking than women’s. Drinking less may or may not improve psoriasis, but it will improve overall health. More than one drink per day in women, two drinks per day in men, is too much.

Psoriasis Self-Care Tip 7: Consider Diet Changes

In general, there is no solid evidence for any food making psoriasis better or worse. At the same time, many people with psoriasis have claimed improvement after cutting down on certain foods, including sugar, white flour, gluten, and caffeine. There is an association between obesity and psoriasis, and many dermatologists feel a healthy weight can improve psoriasis.

It’s reasonable to experiment by eliminating certain foods, especially less nutritious ones, to see if your own psoriasis improves. And it’s always sensible to maintain a healthy weight by eating a diet high in fruits and vegetables, and exercising frequently.

Psoriasis Self-Care Tip 8: Tend to Your Mental Health

Self-care for psoriasis includes taking care of your mental health. This may be one of the most important and overlooked aspects of psoriasis self-care.

People with psoriasis often feel frustrated by their condition. Social isolation and loneliness, anxiety, and low self-esteem often go along with psoriasis. Many people with moderate to severe psoriasis change their daily routine or give up things they enjoy, due to embarrassment or physical discomfort caused by psoriasis. And people with psoriasis are more likely to become depressed than other people.

If psoriasis is affecting your mental health, ask for help. Speaking with a therapist such as a psychologist or clinical social worker can help you cope with psoriasis’ impact on your life.

Also, consider joining a support group for people with psoriasis. Talking with other people who understand the challenges of living with psoriasis can really help.

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