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    1. Can Supplements Keep Your Heart Healthy?

      Maybe you already stick to a heart-healthy diet and get your exercise, too. But should you add some supplements to the mix to keep your ticker in good shape? There are pros and cons to the "natural" approach, so learn as much as you can about how they work, and check with your doctor before you deci

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    2. Can Supplements Help With Pain?

      You want your pain to stop. Some natural supplements can help. But first, you need to know what the problem is. The best thing to do is to check with your doctor. Describe what you feel, when it happens, and how long it’s been going on. Once you know what the cause is, you can look into all things t

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    3. Ways to Improve Your Energy

      You want more power for your morning workout, an afternoon lift during a long workday, or while you cheer your kids on the soccer field. Will a supplement do that? Some will make a difference. But it’s best to talk with your doctor first. She can see it’s OK for you to take. The most common suppleme

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    4. Can Supplements Help Your Sex Life?

      It happens to just about everyone: Your sex life ebbs and flows. Your age, health, and how you feel about your relationship can all have an impact.  In some situations, supplements might help. But you need to look at the big picture first. Don’t be shy about telling your doctor what’s going on. “Bef

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    5. Do Supplements Give Athletes an Edge?

      You work hard to reach your athletic goals. You stick to your training program and to your nutrition plan. Now you want an edge over the competition. Is there a supplement that could give it to you? Maybe, but results vary from person to person. When scientists study these products, mixed reviews ar

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    6. Prenatal Vitamins Explained

      Before you decorate the nursery, pick out a name, or test drive strollers, one item should rise to the top of your to-do list: Take a daily prenatal vitamin. “Ideally, you’d start taking it before you become pregnant to tune up your body with certain vitamins and minerals that you and your baby need

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    7. Sleep Supplements: Melatonin, Valerian, and More

      Are you sleeping poorly? Doctors say it's important to look at your lifestyle -- too much caffeine, too little exercise, or too much late-night work or TV. If lifestyle changes aren't enough, medications can help. But supplements may also help provide a peaceful night's sleep. What's been proven to

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    8. Skin Care Vitamins and Antioxidants

      You probably already know the three surest ways to ensure youthful skin: Protect your skin from the sun, don't smoke, and eat a healthy diet. In addition, a variety of vitamins and antioxidants may also improve the health and quality of your skin. Here are a few of the most effective ones: Research

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    9. 10 Foods Nutritionists Love

      In a perfect world, everything we eat would taste delicious, be super-convenient, and offer plenty of nutritional benefits. But do such foods exist in the real world? They certainly do -- and hard-to-find specialty foods need not apply. These 10 nutritionists' favorites are versatile and delicious,

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    10. 5 Risky Herbal Supplements

      "All natural" -- it's on the labels of a growing number of foods, cosmetics, cleaning products, and over-the-counter remedies. This is, in part, what makes herbal medicine so popular. But does natural always mean safe? Herbal medicine is the use of plants as medicine. Typically taken by mouth or app

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