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    Your feet do a lot for you every day. They need some TLC in return.

    Stay ahead of foot pain with these 10 simple tips.

    1. Insist on Comfort

    Sure, you want your shoes to look great. But they also need to fit you just right. You’ll feel better in them and your feet will be happier.

    When you’re shoe shopping and fall for a gorgeous but painful pair, walk away, no matter how much you like the style. Don’t count on them “breaking in.”

    2. Take the Wet Footprint Test

    This trick will help you pick the best shoes for you.

    Get your foot a little bit wet. Stand on a paper bag, and then step off of it. Look at the image your foot left behind. If you see half of your arch, you have a normal foot or a neutral arch. If you see almost your entire foot, you have a flat foot. If you see just a thin line connecting the ball of your foot to your heel, you have high arches.

    Remember your type when you choose your shoes.

    If you have flat feet or high arches, you're more likely to get plantar fasciitis, which is inflammation of the tissue along the bottom of your foot. It’s the leading cause of heel pain.

    Without proper arch support, you can have pain in your heels, arch, and leg. You can also develop bunions and hammertoes, which can become painful, says Marlene Reid, DPM, a foot and ankle doctor in Naperville, IL.

    3. Choose the Proper Shoe for High Arches

    Shoes with laces, buckles, or straps are best for this type of foot. Look for extra cushioning and a soft platform. Shoes with good arch support and a slightly raised heel can help keep your feet in fine form.

    4. For Flat Feet Get the Right Insert

    See a foot doctor to set you up with custom inserts for your shoes. They can be pricey, but they may really help. "They're like eyeglasses for your feet," Reid says.