10 Questions: Jackie Chan

Medically Reviewed by Michael W. Smith, MD
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1. You were recently awarded an honorary Oscar for your lifetime of achievement in the film industry. What was that moment like for you?
I was surprised when the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences Board of Governors president, Cheryl Boone Isaacs, called me. I couldn't believe an actor like me -- who's done mostly action comedies -- could get an Oscar. Now I know someone has been watching all these years and has acknowledged my work.

2. What do you hope young, aspiring actors will take away from your Oscar win?
I hope young actors will pursue their dreams and never give up.

3. Your new movie, The Nut Job 2, opens in August. How does acting in an animated movie differ from doing a live-action film?
The Nut Job 2 is only one of my upcoming projects. I love doing voice dubbing, like Kung Fu Panda 1, 2, and 3. I think voice dubbing is more difficult than live action. You have to use your imagination to make-believe that you are your animated character.

4. You've injured just about every part of your body during your career. Why is it important for you to do your own stunts, despite the risks?
Because this is what makes me Jackie Chan. This is why I'm so different and unique. The audience loves to see me do my own stunts. And I can do my fight sequences in one shot, without having to edit them.

5. Which of your injuries has been the most serious and had the greatest impact on your life?
The head injury I got in Yugoslavia in 1986 -- I was in a coma for 7 days, and everyone thought I was dying. It made me understand that no matter whether I'm doing big stunts or small stunts, I need to be really careful.

6. How do you protect yourself when you're working on a movie that requires a lot of physical action and potentially dangerous stunts?

I have my Jackie Chan Stunt Team to protect me. We plan and practice and make sure we are all comfortable with the stunts or fight sequences.

7. What would you say is your best health habit?
Exercise. I do cross-training at least three times a week.

8. What is your worst health habit?
I hate to rest. It doesn't affect me at all, though. I usually take a power nap and my energy is back.

9. Do you have a personal health philosophy?
My health philosophy is to never go on a diet, eat everything I like, and be happy.

10. Of the five senses, which do you value most, and why?

I value my eyes most, because I read and watch a lot of things online and on TV. I do my own research all the time. I have a lot of film projects waiting for me. I research my roles, the story backgrounds, and so on.

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