5 Ways Giving May Boost Your Health

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Sure, it's great to give. But have you ever secretly wondered, what's in it for me? Lots, actually. Here are five ways generosity may give your health a boost.

More than one study suggests that helping others might improve your chances of living longer than people who don't lend a hand. Giving may help lower your blood pressure, too. The benefit seems to kick in when you volunteer 100 to 200 hours per year.

Volunteering might also make you more likely to take good care of your health and end up in the hospital less often. Helping others may be a great way to zap your stress. You might be less likely to get depressed later on in life, too. And whether you donate to charities or just strive to be a kind, thoughtful coworker, you may end up happier for it.

See? Giving has its perks.