Back to School Tips and Tricks: ADHD - Heidi

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My name is Heidi. I'm nine years old. And I'm going to be going into fourth grade.

When you have ADHD it's a little harder to do stuff. Your brain can't focus on just one thing, and it's really hard to concentrate. Because I have ADHD, it makes me very hyper.

When I feel hyper, I ask my mom to get out of the chair, and stop learning for a minute. I feel like doing this. [INAUDIBLE]

My confidence tells me to stand up and run around the classroom. But I can't, because that is very bad behavior.

All the time when I'm moving to a new school, I ask my teacher if I can bring some fidgets to help me concentrate. Me or my mom write a little note to the teacher, and I just hand in. I say something like, Mrs. Or Mr, I have ADHD, so it's a little harder for me to do stuff, and concentrate on just one thing. Can you let her have her fidgets spin class?

I only take the ones that make me concentrate, bring them to school, because most of the ones distract me from the work I'm doing. While I'm writing, because I write with my right hand, and this little thing is in my left hand just fidget with. And I like this, because when I can't write, and I get cramps, I just squeeze it for a minute, or something, then my hands don't have cramps anymore.

I have this elastic band, but I use my chair that I'm sitting on right now. When my legs are really fidgety, and stuff, and well, I have lots of high pins, and lots of spare energy. I like to run in it, and then my legs go back and forth, back and forth. And they get really tired to that end. And then I have to do my work, because my legs are tired, and I have nothing else to do.

Well, it helps to help people, so you can get this thing off your mind, instead of just thinking about it every time. And then, yeah. Oh my God, there are tons of good things about ADHD.

One thing is, if you have a dog, and you have ADHD, well, that is good, because all dogs have ADHD, and they can feel the same way as you, because they're really hyper, and they have ADHD too. You should love yourself the way you are.