Allergies: Questions for Your Doctor

Reviewed by Carol DerSarkissian on December 07, 2020

If your eyes are itchy and you can't seem to stop sneezing, it may be time to check with your doctor to see if hay fever is the problem. When you go to your appointment, take this list of questions with you to make sure you get all the info you need.

  1. Do I have allergies, or could it be something else?
  2. Do I need an allergy test?
  3. What can I do to stop this from happening again?
  4. Would an over-the-counter or prescription medicine help?
  5. If I need medication, what are the side effects?
  6. Are there other treatments that can give me relief?
  7. What changes can I make to cut down my symptoms?
  8. How often do I need a checkup?
  9. Could I become allergic to other things?
  10. Should I see a specialist?
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SOURCE: "Allergic Rhinitis: Questions to Ask Your Doctor."

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