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Jordan S. Josephson, MD, Director, New York Nasal and Sinus Center

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Narrator: Under What circumstances would you recommend nasal surgery?

Jordan S. Josephson, MD: Well you know if a patient has been on multiple, different antibiotics and nasal steroids and antihistamines and allergy shots and you know alternative type treatments and they are just not getting better, then you know surgery maybe an option. Functional endoscopic sinus surgery is a new type of surgery that has been out over the last two decades. It subsequently replaced traditional sinus surgery. The interesting thing about functional endoscopic sinus surgery is it is very conservative. We don't remove the normal tissue. We try to remove only the blockages. We use little telescopes, place them in your nose and operate through your nostril. Most patients can be done with the surgery without general anesthesia so there is no risk of general anesthesia. They are like in a twilight sedation type sleep so they are talking to you and they are falling asleep and they are waking up and they are going to sleep. You're doing the surgery. Most patients don't need packing; most patients don't have black and blue and most patients are back to work the next working day…