Dax Shepard Has PsA

Medically Reviewed by Poonam Sachdev on November 15, 2021

Dax Shepard is publicly known for his rowdy guy persona and comedic roles in movies like "Hit and Run" and "Employee of the Month." When people see celebrities on the screen, they often see them for the character they are playing. 

Celebrities, just like everyone else, also fall prey to diseases. Dax Shepard talked about his psoriatic arthritis (PsA) diagnosis on his podcast, "Armchair Expert." Since this is one of the most widely heard podcasts on iTunes, Shepard has the opportunity to raise awareness about the disease to a large audience. 

Dax Shepard PsA Diagnosis

While talking to the audience on Laughing With a Leaky Gut, Shepard discussed the first time he experienced the symptoms. 

He was training for the movie When in Rome at the time. Since he had been training a lot for that movie, he thought the pain in his feet was due to extensive activity. 

Doctors recommended making lifestyle and dietary changes, but none of that helped take the pain away. He further said that he only got a diagnosis of psoriatic arthritis after four years of living with joint pain. 

A dermatologist noticed the change in his fingernails and diagnosed the condition. Psoriatic arthritis has several nail symptoms. The dermatologist told him to consult a rheumatologist, who further diagnosed him with psoriatic arthritis. 

Since he has a vast public influence and hosts a podcast, Dax Shepard can make people aware of psoriatic arthritis and its symptoms. 

Some common symptoms include foot pain, especially at the heel and the sole of the foot, nail changes (dents in the nails), eye inflammation, and swelling in the fingers. You may experience these signs on one or both sides of your body. 

If you notice any of these symptoms, you should speak to a doctor. If the condition is left untreated, it can damage your joints severely.