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Julie Davis Canter is a food, health and wellness writer working in all print and digital formats.

She has written over 50 books for readers of all ages, from best-selling women's interest titles in the areas of beauty, fitness and lifestyle to children's picture books, including the series Waddley Sees the World about a penguin who stows away on a cruise ship. As a content creator, she has launched over two dozen magazines and numerous special interest websites. 

In addition to being a longstanding contributor to WebMD, she currently writes for the Cleveland Clinic Arthritis Adviser, Bottom Line Personal, and Bottom Line Health. Her past work includes health and food features for Walgreens, EverydayHealth, Livestrong, Healthgrades, and HealthDay where she also conceptualized and scripted a 1,000-video lifestyle series. 

An avid cook, her passion project is developing recipes and writing a weekly e-newsletter for the Fresh-Pressed Olive Oil Club, purveyors of just-harvested olive oils from around the world.

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