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Julie Silver, MD. Medical Dir, Outpatient Center Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital

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Narrator: How can I improve my appetite after my cancer treatment?

Julie Silver, MD: that often starts in the hospital, where the food is lousy, you're in pain, you don't really want to eat, and all of a sudden you go in to a diet that's not your usual diet. Then, you get out of the hospital, maybe you're undergoing radiation treatment, or chemotherapy and your appetite's all off there as well. So really paying attention to foods that will help you to heal, a high-protein diet that's usually low in fat, and also I tell people to eat throughout the day, so that they eat three small-to-medium meals a day with two good snacks, I tell them to do that unless they're diabetic or there's some reason that they can't do that, that's really good advice, it keeps their energy level pretty even instead of a high spike in blood sugar, and then it drops and then really feel lousy, not having the energy to exercise etcetera.