The Truth About Breast Cancer Treatments

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Here's the truth about some common treatments for breast cancer.

Does everyone with breast cancer need a mastectomy? No. If your doctor spots the disease early, you might not need surgery to remove your breast. Operations called lumpectomies can help you keep most of your breast, but you'll probably need radiation, too.

Can you still get breast cancer after you have a mastectomy? Yes, but you'll work closely with your doctor to spot any signs of it as early as possible. You'll get follow-up exams. You'll learn what to look for when you're checking your breasts at home. And if you had a breast removed, you'll continue to get mammograms on your other breast.

If breast cancer spreads to other parts of your body, can it still be treated? Yes. Treatments that can shrink tumors and ease symptoms are helping many women live longer and better. These therapies include hormone therapy, chemo, and targeted drugs. You can also ask your doctor if a clinical trial that tests new cancer treatments would be right for you. [MUSIC PLAYING]