Healthy Tips During B-Cell Lymphoma Treatment

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You can do a lot of things to boost your energy, ease side effects, and lift your mood while you're getting treated for B-cell lymphoma. Start by eating a balanced diet, which includes lean protein and lots of fruits and veggies. Cut back on things like processed food and red meat, and talk to a registered dietitian if you can. Ask your doctor or dietitian what to eat if you have side effects from chemotherapy or radiation. They can help you choose foods that ease specific symptoms.

Next, start an exercise routine. Ask your doctor if you shouldn't do certain activities. Many people need to avoid using public gyms or swimming pools during treatment because of the infection risk. Once you have an exercise plan, start slow, and rest when you need to. If you feel too fatigued to work out some days, take a break.

Take charge of your stress, too. If you feel sad or anxious, you can ask your insurance company or a social worker for a list of mental health professionals your plan covers. Also lean on family and friends. Let them know exactly how they can help, be it pitching in with chores, running errands, or simply listening when you need to vent. Steps like these can do more to make your life easier. They can also help you heal.