Mother Sent To Jail for Refusing to Vaccinate Son

It's prison time for a Michigan woman who defied a court order and refused to have her son vaccinated.

Rebecca Bredow was cited for contempt of court in the contentious custody case Wednesday, and ordered to spend seven days in jail for the offense, the Washington Post reported.

The court order to vaccinate her 9-year-old was issued a year ago, and her attorney had signed that order, the Post reported. She had until Wednesday to get what would have been up to eight vaccines for her son. But Bredow decided to take a stand instead.

"I'm a passionate mother who cares deeply about my children, their health and their well-being. If my child was forced to be vaccinated, I couldn't bring myself to do it," Bredow testified during the contempt of court hearing, the Associated Press reported.

On Saturday, she told the Post that she is not against vaccination altogether. "This is about choice. This is about having my choices as a mother to be able to make medical choices for my child," she said.

The ruling is the latest round in a long-running custody fight with her ex-husband, James Horne. He wants their son vaccinated and shares joint custody of the child, the AP reported.

According to the wire service, the judge in the case did not take kindly to Bredow's decision to fight the order.

"I understand you love your children. But what I don't think you understand is that your son has two parents, and dad gets a say," Judge Karen McDonald told Bredow in court.

Horne has been granted temporary custody of his son so the child can be vaccinated.

The ruling comes as anti-vaccination parents across the country continue to refuse to have their children immunized, citing concerns that the shots could harm their kids and potentially cause autism.

Those claims have been widely refuted by medical evidence, and public health officials say the trend has triggered spikes in the rates of childhood diseases such as measles.

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