Screenings After Non-Cancerous Polyps

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How often should I be screened if a non-cancerous polyp was found?

Nancy Kemeny, MD
If they find a polyp, I would recommend that you have another colonoscopy within a year, because what happens is that polyps go on to turn into malignancies, and sometimes when you get your colonoscopy they may miss a small polyp. So if you're already producing polyps, you should have one the following year, just to make sure you don't have another one, and if they really cleaned out all the polyps, then you can go to your, maybe if you produce polyps, I would say go three years, not five years to be absolutely sure that all polyps are removed, because that is what goes on to become a malignancy. If you are already producing polyps. And also, if you have a family member who produces polyps, you're at more risk to develop polyps as well. So you should know about that history as well.