Colorectal Cancer: 3 Ways to Stay Healthy Through Treatment

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I would really try to stay away from radical changes in your diet. Some people want to just eat vegetables or exclude certain things. Really, the best thing is just a good, balanced diet with protein, appropriate calories. I think some use of supplements when people are having trouble-- there are a lot of very good protein supplements on the market that can help people get the proper nutrition without having to take a lot of bulk food. And so for people who are not feeling well, supplements many times can really be a lot easier to take because it's just a small 8-ounce cup as opposed to having to get a whole meal down.

The other things that are important are making sure you stay active. And that doesn't mean that you have to go a sweat out at the gym. It's just a matter of walking. And many times, if it's really hard or too hot, you can just go to the mall and walk around the mall a couple times. So staying active is important.

And then I think one of the biggest things that prevents complications for people, especially getting chemotherapy, is staying hydrated. One of the major problems people run into with treatment of metastatic cancer is having to be admitted to the hospital for dehydration. So if you stay hydrated-- water is good, but electrolyte drinks are even better, that refresh you with electrolytes.