What best describes your visit?

I have been recently diagnosed with endometriosis and have questions.

What to Ask Your Doctor

  • What causes endometriosis?

    It can be helpful to know why you have it.

  • Why is it painful?

    Knowing this can help you understand what’s needed to treat it.

  • What are my treatment options?

    You don’t have to put up with symptoms if they become bothersome. Learn what can be done to manage your condition.




  • What could happen if I do nothing?

    Talk over the pros and cons with your doctor before you make a decision about treatment.

  • Can it affect my ability to have children?

    If you’re trying to get pregnant or thinking about it, your doctor can tell you what you need to do to boost your chances of a successful pregnancy.

I am currently treating endometriosis and have questions.

What to Ask Your Doctor

  • Are there things I can’t do during treatment?

    Your doctor can tell you what’s OK and what’s not.

  • Can complementary or alternative medicine help?

    Your doctor can help you figure out what might help your endometriosis.

  • What side effects can treatment cause?

    It can be helpful to know what’s normal and what isn’t.




  • Can surgery help if other treatments aren’t working?

    It’s not the best choice for everyone, but it may work for you. Find out if it’s an option.

  • Should I consider a clinical trial?

    Researchers are always testing new treatments to see how well they work and if they're safe. If you join a clinical trial, you might get one before it gets approval from the FDA. Talk to your doctor about your options and the pros and cons.

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