What best describes your visit?

I have been diagnosed with wet AMD, and I’d like to discuss treatment options.

What to Ask Your Doctor

  • Can wet AMD be cured?

    While there's no cure, your doctor can discuss treatments to help preserve your eyesight. 

  • What are the treatments for wet AMD?

    Your doctor can explain what the treatments are and how they work.

  • What can I expect during treatment?

    It helps to understand what your treatment will be like, and how often you'll need to get it.










  • Are there any potential side effects of treatment?

    When you know what to expect, you'll know what’s normal and what isn’t.

  • How effective are the treatments for wet AMD? 

    Your doctor can tell you what treatment might be best for you and what they expect your outlook to be.

I am receiving treatment for wet AMD, and I still have symptoms.

What to Ask Your Doctor

  • What are the chances that I will lose my eyesight?

    You'll want to know how serious your condition is and what other options you have for treatment.

  • Could you try a different medication or dose?

    Sometimes, switching things up or adding a new treatment can help. Your doctor can tell you what's feasible. 

  • Can I take part in a clinical trial?

    Discuss this with your doctor to find out whether there are any studies you're eligible for.  










  • Could vitamin therapy help me?

    Your doctor will tell you whether you're a candidate for vitamin therapy.

  • Are there any new treatments on the horizon?

    Research is ongoing. Your doctor can discuss treatments that may be available in the near future.

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