Uveitis Triggers

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Alan Kozarsky, MD
There are common and uncommon causes for inflammation inside the eye, uveitis. We cause uveitis every time we do eye surgery and we get irritation inside the eye. Any time there's any serious trauma to an eye, there is an element of uveitis. But uveitis from infection, from arthritis is actually fairly uncommon. Like psoriasis, non-veneral herpes simplex, rheumatoid arthritis, and other immune conditions, very unusual things in this country like tuberculosis, syphilis, and venereal disease -- again, although they're not common causes of inflammation, they need to be recognized because they may have specific treatment. If your eye is very red, you have ache and not just irritation, and you are very sensitive to light, it means that you may have something more than just pink eye. And you need to go to your eye doctor.