Eye Tests for Uveitis

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Uveitis is a painful eye condition that causes swelling and can destroy eye tissues. It happens in the middle layer of your eye called the uvea, but it can affect other parts of your eye. To find out if you have uveitis, your doctor will do some tests.

First, they'll have you read letters from an chart to test how clearly you can see. And whether your vision has gotten worse. You may get drops in your eye to make your pupil bigger-- this lets the doctor see inside your eye better.

The fluid inside your eye may not be draining like it should, which affects your eye pressure. Your doctor will use a tool that quickly touches your eye, but don't worry, you'll get drops to numb your eye before this happens.

Another test uses a tool called a slit lamp. It works like a microscope by shining a beam of light into your eye. This makes small parts of your eye easier to see. After these tests, your doctor will know if you have uveitis and can recommend the best treatment plan for you.