Treatment Options for Uveitis

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Dr. Neha Pathak
When you have uveitis, your vision could be in danger if you don't get it treated. This type of inflammation can damage one or both of your eyes. And it can cause blindness. But your eye doctor has several ways to keep your sight healthy.

Dr. Purnima S. Patel
We have a lot of different treatment options, especially in the last several years, that have been a real breakthrough in the treatment of uveitis patients.

Dr. Neha Pathak
Your doctor may prescribe steroids to start. These meds are a short-term way to control inflammation. But steroids can bring on side effects after a while, so you may need a different treatment if your uveitis keeps coming back.

Drugs that turn down your immune system could help if your doctor says your body's defenses are creating inflammation. A less common treatment is surgery to implant a tiny device in your eye. It slowly releases steroids over two to three years. In some cases, a bacterial or viral infection can cause uveitis. If that's the case for you, your doctor can prescribe antibiotics or antiviral meds to treat it, possibly along with steroids.

These aren't the only treatments for uveitis. Work with your eye doctor to find the right options for you.

Dr. Purnima S. Patel
We're happy with the new medications that have already come out, but we're looking forward to seeing what is in the future.