What You May See With Different Eye Conditions

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Here's what you may see if you have one of these three eye conditions. When you have cataracts, you may notice symptoms that come on gradually. The world may look blurred or hazy. Colors could appear faded or yellow. Glare from lights may seem intense at night. And you might have double vision or you see several images in one eye.

If you have the most common type of glaucoma, you could slowly lose your side vision over the years if you don't get treated. It may look like you're peering through a tunnel. Without treatment, you could eventually lose all your sight.

If you have macular degeneration, your vision may get very blurry. You may have trouble recognizing faces. Straight lines could appear wavy, and you may notice blank or dark spots in the center of your vision.

If the condition gets worse, it could take a noticeably faster and more severe toll on your sight. That doesn't happen often, though. Make an appointment with an eye doctor right away if you notice any of these warning signs. They could be symptoms of other conditions. But if you do have a serious problem, early treatment could keep your sight from getting worse.