Benign Positional Vertigo Treatment

Medically Reviewed by Sabrina Felson, MD on September 07, 2021

Call 911 if the person loses consciousness or has:

1. Relieve or Prevent Dizziness

  • Have the person lie down and rest.
  • The person should avoid sudden changes in body position.
  • Help the person avoid abrupt head movements, especially looking up.

2. Keep the Person Safe

  • Help the person avoid falls.
  • If they are nauseous or throwing up, have them lie down on their side.
  • The person should not drive or operate dangerous machinery.
  • If they cannot walk safely, take them to the emergency room or call 911.

3. Call a Health Care Provider

4. Follow Up

  • The health care provider will do a focused physical exam that will include the parts of the neurological exam that focus on balance and the inner ear. This exam may include hearing and balance tests, and possibly a CT or MRI scan.
  • The most common and effective treatment is called particle repositioning maneuvers (Epley maneuver). A form of physical therapy for the inner ear, it can be done in outpatient setting and continued at home.
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