Vomiting During Pregnancy Treatment

Medically Reviewed by Poonam Sachdev on April 30, 2022
1 min read

1. Try Changing Eating Patterns

  • For morning nausea, eat toast, cereal, crackers, or other dry foods before getting out of bed.
  • Eat cheese, lean meat, or other high-protein snack before bedtime.
  • Sip fluids, such as clear fruit juices, water, or ice chips, throughout day. Don’t drink lots of fluid at one time.
  • Eat small meals or snacks every two to three hours instead of three large meals per day.
  • Don’t eat fried, greasy, or spicy foods.
  • Avoid foods with strong odors that are bothersome. Or eat foods cold or at room temperature.

2. When to Call a Doctor

  • Seek medical help if vomiting is so severe or constant that the person can’t keep down fluids or food.

3. Follow Up