5 Ways to Prevent a Heatstroke

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When the sun is blazing, you can get so hot that it damages your heart and brain. Here's how to avoid potentially deadly heat stroke.

Whether you play sports or exercise outside, slowly ramp up how active you are in the heat. If you feel dizzy, confused, or nauseous, take a good, long water break and get out of the heat.

Dress for the weather. Wear light-colored, loose, lightweight clothes or practice uniforms.

Watch what you eat. Heavy or spicy meals can crank up your body temperature.

And sip smart. Alcohol and sugary soda can leave you parched when you're active. Instead, have water or sports drinks.

About a half-hour before you go outside, slather on sunscreen. Sunburns can make it harder for you to cool off, and they can dehydrate you.

Now you're ready. Don't forget your hat and sunglasses.