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Barry Nolan: If I say the words to you, "Individual mandate," what that does mean?

Reggie: "Individual mandate." To me, that's telling me that I'll be in charge of my health care, or I got that wrong?

Barry Nolan: What if I say individual mandate, what does that mean?

Julio Munoz: I have no idea.

Barry Nolan: Do you know what's the individual mandate mean?

Richard Charles: That I'm not exactly sure. What do you think?

Sylvia Charles: We don't know either, I'm sorry.

Barry Nolan: There's changes that are going to happen in healthcare laws starting January 1st, 2014 and they are?...

Man: (laughs)

Barry Nolan: What is to your knowledge the individual mandate? So what does the individual mandate mean?

Male: Oh, so the individual mandate kind of requires that all individuals like have health care and if not, they pay a tax penalty.