What Is the Individual Mandate?

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Barry Nolan
If I say the words to you, "Individual mandate," what that does mean?

"Individual mandate." To me, that's telling me that I'll be in charge of my health care, or I got that wrong?

Barry Nolan
What if I say individual mandate, what does that mean?

Julio Munoz
I have no idea.

Barry Nolan
Do you know what's the individual mandate mean?

Richard Charles
That I'm not exactly sure. What do you think?

Sylvia Charles
We don't know either, I'm sorry.

Barry Nolan
There's changes that are going to happen in healthcare laws starting January 1st, 2014 and they are?...


Barry Nolan
What is to your knowledge the individual mandate? So what does the individual mandate mean?

Oh, so the individual mandate kind of requires that all individuals like have health care and if not, they pay a tax penalty.