How Can I Prevent Lung Cancer?

Lower Your Risk

The best thing you can do is to not smoke and to avoid other people's smoke. Doing this will also help cut your chances of developing heart disease and many other serious conditions. 

Breaking the cigarette habit isn't easy, but it's possible.  It often takes more than one attempt to quit for good. Keep at it, and ask your doctor what would help you reach your goal. You may also want to join a support group or a quit-smoking program. 

When you're getting ready to quit, you can try to cut back on how many cigarettes you smoke daily. But many people say that it's more effective to stop cigarette smoking "cold turkey" than to gradually taper off.  

If you live or work with people who smoke, encourage them to quit and ask them not to smoke around you. 

Smoking isn't the only cause of lung cancer. If you work with cancer-causing chemicals, follow all the safety rules to protect yourself. 

Avoid radon exposure. Have your home tested and treated for radon.

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