The Truth About Headaches

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Most of us are familiar with headaches. But there are different types, caused by all kinds of things, from having your period to having a stressful day at work. This is the truth about headaches.

Is red wine more likely to give you a headache than white wine? It sure is, but we're not entirely sure why. Red wine contains more sulfites than white wine, and many people think it's those sulfites that cause the headaches. But experts say it may actually be another substance, histamines, that cause you pain.

No matter why, though, it's true that, for many people, red causes more trouble than white. The solution? Find a type of wine that works for you, and stick to it.

Is it OK to drink coffee if I have a headache? Yes. Not only can the caffeine in the coffee help treat the headache by itself, it can also help make any headache medication more effective. But be careful, because many headache medicines already have caffeine in them. So before you take too much, make sure you're not double dosing. But too much caffeine can also cause headaches, so don't overdo it.

Can pressure points relieve a headache? You bet it can, thanks to the power of acupressure. On the bottom side of your wrist, in between the two tendons, there is a pressure point. When you press on it for about four to five seconds, it can help relieve headache pain.

There are other pressure points that can help, too-- the base of the neck on either side of the spine, pinching the shoulder muscles, the soft spot between the thumb and fingers, and the tendons between your ring finger and pinkie. The best way to see if any of these things cause or help treat your headaches is to keep a headache journal. And that is the truth about headaches.