Getting Baby to Sleep Through the Night

Month 4, Week 4

Month 4, Week 4 Tips

  • Your baby’s personality is developing. If she seems shy or sensitive, she may need extra attention to come out of her shell, and may be easily overwhelmed.
  • Remove mobiles from your baby’s crib as soon as she can grab and hold them. She might pull one down on top of her.
  • Engage your baby’s interest in new things by taking her on walks and finding exciting items she hasn’t seen before. Name each new thing she sees.
  • Play "mirror" games to encourage her ever-growing interest in her surroundings and help her learn that the wonderful person in the mirror is her!
  • If your baby doesn’t show much interest in looking at new things, it’s a good idea to check in with your pediatrician.
  • Do not put a baby younger than 1 on any kind of cow’s or regular milk. They need either breast milk or formula until age 1.
  • Don’t weaken or dilute formula by adding more water than the label recommends. That can interfere with your baby’s growth and health.
  • If your baby shows an interest in your foods at mealtime, talk to your pediatrician at the next checkup about starting him on solids.
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