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Wing, A. "The Giggle Guide to Baby Gear." ConsumerReports: "Rocking Chairs and Gliders."

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Melissa: It's been awhile since I held a baby but this feels so good…

Ellie : It does feel so good! Its No wonder rocking chairs have helped parents calm crying babies for generations.

Melissa: Today you can rock or glide, just a few of the many ways to ease feeding and bedtime routines.

Ellie & Melissa: Hi, we're Melissa and Ellie, the Baby Planners, and we're here to show you what to look for– step by step.

Ellie : It's the picture of peacefulness – mother and baby seemingly spellbound as they gaze at one another in the rocking chair. The gentle back and forth motion mimics the womb for newborns – and offers parents precious time off their feet!

Melissa: Classic wooden rockers are always in style and generally don't take up much space. Some may creak with age – and you may need to cushion the back and seat with strategically placed pillows.

Ellie : If you have the room and place a premium on comfort – you may opt for a pre-cushioned glider. The movement should be almost effortless. Try the chair before you buy to be sure the rocking or gliding motion is smooth and quiet.

Melissa: Other features to look for: Is the headrest high enough – you'll come to count on that during those late-night feedings.; Does the seat and arm width offer sufficient space for you and your growing child; And is the fabric easy to clean. That will mean a lot when it comes to spit up and spills.;

Melissa: As with most baby equipment, there are safety considerations. Keep the rocking motion moderate to prevent tipping.

Ellie : Keep fingers, toes and curious crawlers away from movable parts to avoid pinching – or more serious accidents.

Melissa: Accessories can enhance comfort and convenience. For example, a footstool or ottoman is a great addition – you'll appreciate the boost to position weary legs.

Ellie : Detachable side pockets keep basic supplies within easy reach, while back pillows offer much-needed support.

Melissa: And wrap around nursing pillows are both back and neck savers, positioning baby in that perfect spot for breast or bottle feeding.

Ellie : Before nap or bedtime, why not a little mood music? Many infants seem to settle in with soft, repetitive sounds – from room fans to classic lullabies to synthesized womb noise. The gentle whir of a humidifier can help with sleep and stuffy noses.

Melissa: But be careful with volume levels – some experts discourage the use of white noise generators citing research that shows they may harm early hearing development.

Ellie : Now you have what you need to settle in and enjoy this tender age with your baby

Melissa: So rock away – and savor every second – step by step.

Ellie & Melissa: For WebMD, we're Ellie and Melissa, the Baby Planners…..and we're staying right here—Fine with me!

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