Fun Family Activities to Stay In Motion

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We are all crazy busy. We're all juggling jobs, kids, homework, activities. The list goes on and on. But the thing is that physical activity is really important to your health. So let's talk about some easy ways to get there as a mom or a dad or a caregiver.

For example, games. Some indoor games that l love to use with my seven-year-old twins is a scavenger hunt. You put the timer on, you tell them to search for things, and see who can get the most things in a small amount of time.

Dance contests do great on a rainy day. Put on that music. See who has the best moves, or see who can dance the longest without getting tired. Those are great ideas to have your kids move in the house.

And then outside the house, those old-fashioned games that we all used to play as kids are great for your kids as well. Hopscotch, hula hoops, jumping rope-- those are fun games. Try throwing a Frisbee around on a Saturday. Kids love that.

And if you have older kids, think about some charity fun runs or fun walks. That way all of you, as a family, can walk or run, and you're doing it for a good cause. And don't forget those hoops. Kids love hoops. Play a game of 21 with your 14-year-old.

So there's always things that you can incorporate into your Saturday or Sunday, or even an evening where the homework is a little bit light. And don't forget to incorporate exercise into everyday activities. What a great chance to get some steps in. So when you go to the mall or to the grocery store, park far away from the entrance so you can walk a little bit and your kids can, too.

And if you go to a building where there's a choice between an elevator and the stairs, always take the stairs. Your kids will get used to it. My kids ask for the stairs now when we're in that situation.

And remember, you must make a commitment. Physical activity is just as important as sleep, eating, brushing your teeth, and drinking water. So put it on your calendar, put it on your iPhone, and use that Saturday and Sunday to do 30 minutes a day with your family. You and your kids will have good family bonding time, and you'll get some steps in.

And share it with your friends. Get your friends involved. Go and do something with your kids. Brag about it on Facebook or Pinterest or whatever else you're using. Hopefully, that will generate some interest, and you can do some more activities with your friends and your neighbors.