What do you want to drink?

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There are enough drinks out there to overload your fridge. But is all that sugar really quenching your thirst? Refreshing water is a better choice every time. Time to get your family to ditch the sweet stuff and make the switch to H2O.

Here are four easy ways. First, does someone in your house want nothing but sweet drinks? Change their mind by adding water to their favorites, a little more every time.

Next, give your plain old water a fresh flavor boost. Infuse it with tasty fruits, even fresh herbs. Fill a big pitcher and let it chill for a few hours to bring out the flavors. You could even add them to ice cubes.

Why not make sipping fun for the kids? Have them pick out a special cup and a wacky straw. Don't be tempted to grab a soda when you're out and about. Take a reusable bottle to fill wherever you go.

And remember, parents, the best role model is you. So make sure your kids know that you choose a nice tall glass of water instead of the sugary stuff. Cheers.