Master Your Mood

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You wouldn't let your kids eat a pint of ice cream when they're stressed or stay up all night with a video game to relax. So how often do you do that stuff yourself? If you want your kids to learn healthy choices, you need to show them how it's done, no matter what kind of mood you're in.

Number one, when you're angry-- rough day at work, traffic-- you might feel ready to lose it. You tell your kids to blow off some steam outdoors, so take your own advice. Keep your temper and make exercise your go-to way to cool off. You'll feel better and everyone will notice.

Number two, when you're stressed, the pressure's on. And you might want to eat that whole pizza, instead of a slice and a salad. But you know food won't fix your mood. So what can you choose instead? Skip the fridge and pick an activity that relaxes you. Healthy ways to cut stress will keep your diet on track and can make great family time too.

Number three, sometimes you just feel blah, so you zone out and pick what's easy. That screen just sucks you in. It won't help you get up and go. Switch it off and focus on really recharging your batteries.

And now, some yoga. Even a mini meditation break can help. Give your mind a rest and see how much energy you will have tomorrow.

Sure, sometimes your mood will get the best of you. What matters is how you choose to handle it.