Best Fish Pet for Apartments

Medically Reviewed by Kathleen Claussen, DVM on July 05, 2023
3 min read

Fish can be low maintenance pets. If you want to own a fish, there are certain things you should consider. Some types of fish need special care based on their diet and living area. 

Below are some factors to consider before you get an aquarium in your apartment.

Fish diet. Always use high-quality food to feed your pet. Many fish do well on dry flake food. Purchase different types of food and feed your fish on a specific diet daily. 

If you have large fish, feed them on pellet foods. Fish that require more proteins need freeze-dried foods. Once you purchase vegetarian fish, provide them with flake foods with fewer proteins and more vegetable compounds.

Fish housing. It’s important to give your fish enough swimming space. For a start, purchase smaller fish that have low maintenance costs. Ensure that you clean the aquarium regularly. To control parasites and bacteria, use ultraviolet sterilizers.

Fish compatibility. Ensure the fish in your aquarium can live together peacefully. Compatibility ensures that the fish species get along together without much disturbance among them. Fish that are harassed by their peers can suffer physically and emotionally.

Here are some low-maintenance fish pets you can get for your home:

Standard goldfish. This fish has varieties like the Comet, Sarasa, and Shubunkin. Comet goldfish come in colors like orange, gold, or black. If you’re new to having fish, you might want to go with the long-body goldfish. 

The fish start small but grow up to 14 inches. Sarasa and Shubunkin start small but can grow up to 10 inches. Goldfish may generate more waste than other fish. 

Upgrade the fish diet from flakes to pelleted feed once they are big enough to minimize food wastage.

Neon tetras. Neon tetras are brightly colored fish. They have blue and red streaks which can make a lively addition to your aquarium. 

These fish can grow up to one and a half inches long. For a start, purchase three to five individuals since they like living in groups.

Buy a pelleted fish diet that’s available in small pieces. You can also use flakes as a substitute.

Betta fish. Apart from being a low-maintenance breed, Betta fish also tend to live a long, happy life. Maintain the aquarium at 78-82 degrees Fahrenheit as this is a tropical fish. To keep track of your aquarium’s environment, keep a thermometer on site. Also, ensure there is enough water for your fish. 

Betta fish have long, delicate fins and can be easily knocked out by flowing water. Ensure you regulate the water flow to avoid straining your pet. This type of fish is very easy to maintain in a large aquarium. Betta fish are very territorial so ensure that 2 males are not housed together.

Feed your pet on tiny amounts of food as they have a tiny stomach. For smaller fish like guppies, use little pieces of pellets. Betta-specific pellets that contain all nutrients necessary for the fish diet are the best.

Mollies and platies. These types of fish are also called livebearers. Once you purchase your first fish, there’s a high likelihood that it’s a pregnant female. Start with a single fish as they fertilize internally. Buying one fish to later find out you soon have many more is common.

These fish are low maintenance. They also come in different colors and varieties. The fish grow to almost one inch. Mollies and Platies feed on micro pellets or a flake diet. 

For their housing, begin with a 10-gallon tank but as the population increases, get a bigger aquarium.

Zebrafish. These are tiny, beautiful fish that have distinctive horizontal stripes along their bodies. With Zebrafish, you may want to get at least three individuals since they like grouping.

The fish do well at room temperature of 70 degrees. 

Sometimes you may need to get a small heater to maintain your aquarium at room temperature during winter. 

Their diet includes micro pellets or flakes. As the fish grow, have a regular maintenance schedule to keep their water pure.

Fish are among the best pets you can have in your home. Before you own fish, ensure you have a good standard aquarium. Also, ensure you feed your fish with high quality food, and always maintain a healthy environment by cleaning the aquarium regularly.