Ways to Keep Your Cat Healthy

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Cats can be man's best friend, too, so help your feline pal live a long happy life. Here are five ways to keep your cat healthy.

Keep her inside! Indoor cats have longer average lifespans than outdoor cats. By staying inside, your furry friend will avoid dangers like cars, attacks from other animals, parasites, and diseases.

Watch her weight. While a big cuddly cat can be cute, too many extra pounds can lead to more serious problems, like osteoarthritis, heart conditions, and diabetes. Talk to your vet about a safe weight loss plan.

Play with your pal! The exercise will keep her body trim and mind sharp. You don't need fancy toys -- even a paper bag will do. And to keep old toys from getting boring, put them away for a while. Then bring them back later as if they're "new."

Your cat needs personal space, so set up an area she can call her own -- somewhere she can hide and feel safe. A tall perch lets her indulge her natural urge to climb, too.

And lastly, think about getting her a friend! They'll get more exercise together, and they'll keep each other company while you're away.