Big Dog - Teach to Sit

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Kate Jackson, Certified Dog Trainer
Teaching your dog to sit should not be a difficult thing. The key is to lure them with a treat into a sit, and not wrestle them into a sit. Here again you're going to have a treat in your hand, your dog should be standing to start. Hold your hand up at your dog's nose. As you lure the treat up and back, you are going to ask them, sit-Yes! and they get their treat. Very good. The more difficult part about teaching the sit is to have your dog wait until release. What you're going to do is release them immediately after you've asked them to sit. Okay. Stoney sit. Yes! Okay. Stoney sit. Yes! So you're going to increase the amount of time between asking your dog to sit and releasing them as good preparation for stay. Okay. For the One Minute Trainer, I'm Kate Jackson.