Little Dog - Teach "Come When Called"

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Kate Jackson
Scrubs, come! Yes! Hi, I'm Kate Jackson and this is Scrubs. She's a really good dog because she comes when called. I'm going to teach you how to do this with your own dog. Good dog, Scrubs! So the first thing you need to know about coming when called is that you need to have a really good treat. The 2nd thing you're going to teach your dog is that a closed fist means there's a treat there, ready for them. So you want to set your dog up to succeed, to get it right. So you're going to start giving them the coming when called command when they are really close to you—two or three feet is just fine. So you're got your treat in the palm of your hand, as you tell your dog come you're going to present your fist to your dog Scrubs come. Yes! When your dog's nose touches your hand you say Yes! and give them the treat… Good job Scrubs! When you're practicing at home you're going to increase the distance by a foot or two every day until the behavior is learned. Once it's learned, you can start to practice in areas where there are distractions. But remember—always, always give a treat for coming when called, it's far too important for your dog's safety. For WebMD's Pint Size One Minute Trainer, I'm Kate Jackson.