Little Dog - Teach "Down"

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Kate Jackson
Teaching your pint size dog to down is a really valuable exercise, particularly if you need your dog to stay in one place for a long time. Down is a lot more comfortable than a sit. Now Pint Size dogs don't typically like to lie down on the ground or cold floor, so I like to teach the down either on a n ottoman or chair when teaching them to down. You'll also kneel down to their level, And you're far less threatening to them. When teaching the down you're going to start with a treat between your fingers. Your going to hold the treat at your dog's nose—in slow motion take the treat to the ground. When they lay down, tell them…Yes!"… and give them the treat. And immediately let them up. "Ok, ok" Once you're got a reliable down from the kneeling position, you can stand up and ask your little dog to "Down"…"Yes!" Once they've got that, you can pick them up and put them on the floor— Most little dogs do better on a carpet or a rug so their little tummies don't get cold. "Good Dog!" So during this time, you're going to increase the amount of time between asking your dog to down and releasing them…this is a really good preparation for stay. For the WebMD Pint Size One Minute Trainer, I'm Kate Jackson.