Little Dog - Teach "Leave it"

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Kate Jackson
What if you dropped a piece of chocolate or raisins or grapes on the floor. These are just a few things that are very toxic for dogs—and moreso for little dogs because it takes a lot less to poison them. Because of this your little dog needs to have a really good understanding of the command "leave it". Start by sitting down next to your little dog and have treats in both hands. You're gong to present your one hand to your dog as they ask them to "leave it". When they look away and look at you, tell them "yes" and give them the treat with the other hand. Once you're practiced this exercise a lot your dog should look at you almost immediately when they hear the command "leave it". When that happens you're ready to move to the next step which is throwing the treat on the floor. When you first start that exercise you may want to have your leash on your dog to prevent them from getting over to the treat, but once they get it you can try without the leash. This is a great exercise for teaching your little dog that they can leave a treat alone and still get a reward. For WebMD's Pint Size One Minute Trainer, I'm Kate Jackson.