Little Dog - Teach "Place"

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Kate Jackson
When teaching place you have to have an enticing place for your dog to go—I like to have a rectangle place with a nice thick edge-- You'll see why we need this edge in a little bit….Your dog also needs to have a good understanding of the down command. You'll going to start with a bunch of treats for this're going to lure your dog (come Scrubs) tell them to place, and them put them into a down. You won't give them a treat immediately for down—wait a couple of seconds, tell them "Yes! "Good Place" and toss them a treat "yes good place" "Very good". You'll continue to tell tell your dog "Yes!" " Good Place". And toss them treats.… In your dog's mind lying there is the easiest thing to have treats fall from the sky. "Yes, Good Place." Practice from further and further away, be really good with you aim, and that's where the edge helps from keeping the treats from falling off. You'll be surprised how quickly your dog figures this out…this is a fantastic exercise in dealing with nuisance behaviors such as begging, barking and jumping up on people. For WebMD's Pint Size One Minute Trainer, I'm Kate Jackson.