Training Puppy Not to Chew

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Kate Jackson, Certified Dog Trainer
Cooper — smooch, smooch come here bud … Puppies have a chewing quota that they need to fill every day. If they don't get it, they're going to take it out on your furniture, your shoes, even a basket. I'm going to show his owner Holly how to deal with this. Rope toys or squeaky toys are not going to satisfy that chewing need, so, you need to find edible, chewy type things… Rawhide, bully sticks, marrow bones, things like this are edible so he will spend a lot of time on them and that's absolutely going to satisfy his chewing need. So, you're going him about two different edible chews a day — rotate them out so he doesn't get bored with them. If you see them laying around pick them up, put them up and give him something different. If he does start to get bored with them you can always fill them with plain yogurt and peanut butter and freeze them so they spark his interest over again. So, if you can't be supervising him 100% of the time, (smooch, come on) definitely put him in his crate to avoid any chewing accidents. That's so much for letting me play with Cooper. For WebMD's One Minute Puppy Trainer, I'm Kate Jackson.