Quietest Pet Birds for Apartment Living

Medically Reviewed by Kathleen Claussen, DVM on July 17, 2023
3 min read

Most birds will make their presence known by using unique sounds. Certain bird breeds are notorious for being vocal. And while your pet bird’s voice may appeal to you, it could be hurting your neighbors' ears. If you live close to your neighbors (or share walls with them), consider getting one of the quietest pet birds. Read on to discover the specific pet birds to consider if you want to have a peaceful living environment.

Parrotlet. This tiny bird has soft chirps that will hardly disturb your neighbors. Parrotlets can also swing, fly and hop without causing disruptions to your family members and neighbors. Aged parrotlets only need a small living space, so you can save on maintenance costs. 

These birds are always full of energy. You may need to handle them and interact with them regularly. After a while, you may develop a special bond with the birds, which can make it easy to train the parrotlets

Cockatiel. The cockatiel will let you have a good relationship with your neighbor, especially if you train them on good behavior. These birds have an outstanding personality, which makes them easily trainable. Even when they do speak, this bird’s sounds and chirps cannot reach your neighbor's ears. 

You should always maintain frequent socialization with the cockatiel as you teach them how to live with you and other occupants in your apartment.

Canaries. These beautiful birds are known for their playful and cheerful sounds. You can get them in different colors, such as green, yellow, and orange.

Canaries are usually tiny, and their sounds will not annoy your neighbors. Canaries are solitary birds, and this helps control their noise.

Bourke's parakeet. This bird is well-known for its gentle nature, and they can be chatty and active early in the morning. However, the noise level is lower than other parrots. Bourke's parakeets prefer a large enclosure where they can fly. You can easily train your Bourke's parakeet as they can adapt well to changes.

The male bird has a blue crown, while the female is white. You can easily identify them by their pink abdomen and a yellowish-brown beak.

Finch. Finches are quiet birds that vocalize with a gentle and pleasant musical chirp. The birds are tiny, growing 4-6 inches from beak to tail, so they don't need a big cage. Because they're social birds, it's helpful to adopt more than one bird.

Finches are not fond of being handled. These fragile birds need special care. If you handle the birds carefully, they can live up to 10 years. Since they’re active in the morning, these birds will give you a beautiful start for each day.

Senegal parrots. This bird is easily trainable as they can mimic your behavior. These medium-sized birds can be choosy. Sometimes they will only develop a special bond with you and avoid interacting with your friends.

Senegal parrots have varying colors like dark green and brown. They've developed a silent personality that cannot allow them to scream or screech.

Below are reasons why you should consider getting a quiet bird over a noisy one.

Personal preference. You may be a quiet person who prefers a calm atmosphere. Most birds may not be your perfect match due to their noisy character. However, the breeds mentioned above are guaranteed to live peacefully in your presence.

Selecting a quiet bird is great because you can easily train them to suit your lifestyle.

Living conditions. The type of house you stay in determines the kind of pet bird to buy. If your living space is shared with other occupants, you may need to get a bird that won’t cause a disturbance. 

Occupational factors. A noisy bird may inconvenience your neighbors or housemates if they make telephone calls and video conferences while at home. Family members who have night shifts may have problems during their sleep hours due to a noisy pet bird.

Before acquiring a pet bird, consider your current living environment and your neighborhood. Choosing to purchase a quiet pet bird can bring you a peaceful relationship with your neighbors.