Intimacy, Sexuality, and Cancer Survivorship: Communicating Wants, Needs, and Fears


Episode Notes

Oct. 26, 2023 -- Sexual health is crucial to our well-being. Despite its impact on our lives, it’s still not something we commonly discuss with our doctors. This is particularly true for cancer survivors, both during treatment and in the post-treatment phase. What are some of the challenges that cancer survivors have when it comes to sexual wellness? How do the mental, physical, emotional, and financial burdens of cancer impact connection and intimacy? How can doctors, patients, and caregivers foster a better conversation surrounding this topic? We spoke with Sage Bolte, PhD, LCSW, CST, Chief Philanthropy Officer and President of the Inova Health Foundation, certified sex therapist, and respected leader in the field of oncology social work. Our conversation with Dr. Bolte explored ways to navigate sex and body image changes in cancer survivorship, inclusive conversations surrounding sexual wellness and intimacy, how to communicate wants, needs, and fears with your partner, and the sexual wellness resources available to cancer survivors.