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ADHD in Children Health Center

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When It's Not Just ADHD

ADHD and depression, anxiety, learning disabilities, and oppositional defiant disorder.

Learning Disabilities

Some children with ADHD have trouble learning because of classic ADHD symptoms: They can't focus on their studies when they're fidgeting, talking, or walking around the classroom. Others have true learning disabilities or language disorders in addition to ADHD, which can make it more difficult for them to succeed at school.

"A child with dyslexia has a hard time reading," Vitiello says. "Therefore, he will be very slow in completing tasks related to written language. He'll be inattentive in class, because he wouldn't be able to follow what the other children are doing."

When a learning disability is diagnosed, your doctor may recommend an educational therapist. "The educational therapist will know what the interventions are for that disability, so you and your child can learn them."

Your child's school may offer free therapy or reasonable accommodations in the classroom; check with the school's main office.

Reviewed on May 25, 2012

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