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    1. Why Do I Waste So Much Time?

      Does it seem like you can't get anything done -- ever? The possible reasons behind your procrastination and what you can do to change.

    2. Nonstimulant Therapy and Other ADHD Drugs

      WebMD looks at ways to treat ADHD with nonstimulants and other drugs.

    3. ADHD Diets

      Can diet improve the symptoms of ADHD? Learn more from WebMD.

    4. Symptoms of ADHD

      WebMD describes the symptoms and types of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. Find out what to look for if you suspect you or your child has ADHD.

    5. Could I Have ADHD?

      Ask yourself these questions to help you decide if you need to get tested for ADHD.

    6. ADHD Medication Titration Process: What to Expect

      The process of titration with ADHD medication. Learn how and why your doctor may adjust your child's medication dosage and what to expect during this process.

    7. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder: Alternative Treatments

      Alternative treatments for ADHD, including neurofeedback, omega-3 supplementation, elimination diets, chiropractic, and working memory training.

    8. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder in Children: Treatment

      WebMD explains the different treatments for ADHD in children. Find out about the medications and the behavior management techniques that are used to treat ADHD.

    9. What Is Adjunctive Therapy for ADHD in Children?

      WebMD explains combination drug therapy, or adjunctive therapy, for ADHD in kids.

    10. Occupational Therapy for Children With ADHD

      WebMD explains the role of occupational therapists in helping children with ADHD.

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