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  1. Preteen Ritalin May Increase Depression

    Dec. 8, 2003 -- Ritalin use in preteen children may lead to depression later in life, studies of rats suggest. It's an open question whether what passes for depression in lab rats has anything to do with depression in humans. But early use of Ritalin and other stimulant drugs seems to permanently al

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  2. Brain Imaging Targets ADHD Differences

    Nov. 20, 2003 -- A brain imaging study has pinpointed exactly where the brains of children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder differ from those of other children. Researchers say the finding could one day lead to better drugs and behavioral interventions to treat kids with ADHD. Earlier s

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  3. New ADHD Medication Affects Sleep Less

    Oct. 23, 2003 -- In one of the first studies to compare Strattera, the first non-stimulant to treat ADHD, with the ADHD medication Ritalin, researchers found that Strattera caused fewer sleep disturbances. And Strattera may work better in kids who also have a tic disorder. "Strattera is being used b

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  4. Teachers Usually First to Report ADHD

    Sept. 30, 2003 -- Teachers and other school personnel may largely be responsible for the surge in the use of medications to treat attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) in children, a new study shows. Among children who received ADHD medications, more than half were initially recommended fo

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  5. Drug Abusers Can't Learn From Experience

    August 25, 2003 -- People who keep taking drugs never seem to learn from their experience. Now there's an explanation. It offers insight into the bizarre behavior of drug addicts. But it also raises troubling questions about the long-term use of stimulants used to treat kids with attention deficit/h

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  6. ADHD Linked to Later Substance Abuse

    Aug. 18, 2003 -- Children with attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD) -- especially those with severe symptoms -- are more likely to smoke and abuse drugs and alcohol as teens, a new study shows. Overall, the risk is similar to that of a child of an alcoholic, which is considered strongly p

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  7. Adult ADHD, Bipolar Disorder May Overlap

    July 11, 2003 -- New data may settle an old debate. An adult with bipolar disorder can also have attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, better known as ADHD. That's what Timothy Wilens, MD, and colleagues at Massachusetts General Hospital found after careful study of 51 adults diagnosed with ADHD

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  8. New Drugs Help Child ADHD, Adult ADHD

    May 21, 2003 -- Inattentive, hyperactive, and uncontrollably impulsive -- that's attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). Literally millions fight a daily battle against it. For years, Ritalin and other stimulant drugs were the only drugs that quelled the symptoms -- the difficulty focusing,

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  9. Placebo May Augment Effects of ADHD Meds

    May 5, 2003 -- A new study shows some kids with ADHD may do just as well with half as much medicine when a placebo is added to their treatment -- and may have fewer side effects. Is it an effect of "body conditioning" or a sign that behavioral treatments may allow kids to take less medication? Speci

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  10. Sleep Disorders Mimic ADHD Symptoms

    March 3, 2003 -- A child who is overtired or snores loudly during sleep may display some of the same behavioral problems caused by attention deficit-hyperactivity disorder (ADHD). A new study suggests that common sleep-disordered breathing such as snoring may lead to hyperactive behavior that easily

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