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    Fall Triggers

    Ragweed, hayrides, and apple-picking farms can spur sneezes, a runny nose, hives, and more.

    How to Treat a Severe Reaction

    Learn how to use an epinephrine shot. It could make all the difference.

    Food-Allergy Fixes

    The world will seem less scary once you learn how to manage your child’s food allergy at home and away.

    Raise an Allergy-Savvy Child

    Crucial facts and tips to teach your child about living with severe allergies.

    Can You Spot a Severe Allergy?

    What's a normal reaction, what's not, and how you should take action.


    Protect Your Allergic Child

    Take this quiz to see how to keep your child safe from anaphylaxis.

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    Dangerous Allergies

    Seconds count when a life-threatening allergic reaction takes place. Know the signs and what to do.

    What Is Anaphylaxis?

    Anaphylaxis: It’s an unusual word but a serious condition. So what is it?

    How to Give an Injection

    If you or someone you know is having an anaphylaxis attack, it’s important to know how to give a shot.

    Health Guide

    Ask Your Doctor

    Take these questions with you to your next appointment.

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    Severe Allergies Poll

    What triggers your child's allergic reactions?

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