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    Parenting Children With Allergies

    Tips for coping with the stress of your child’s chronic allergies.

    Children’s Allergies: 10 Tips for Less Stress

    Next, try these strategies to keep allergies from taking over both of your lives.

    • Vacations. Plan vacations during non-allergy seasons. If spring and summer are rough on your child’s allergies, take a winter ski trip or a fall camping trip instead.
    • Summer Camps. Explore alternative camps if traditional outdoor summer camps pose problems. How about art, computer, or surf camp?
    • Pets. Unfortunately, there is no such thing as a truly hypoallergenic animal (sorry, President Obama!), but a few dog and cat breeds shed less or not at all, so some kids won’t be bothered as severely. If you already have a pet, giving it up may cause more stress for your child than occasional allergy symptoms. In that case, keep dander down with frequent combings and baths, away from your child (and preferably outside). If you have to give up a pet due to your child’s allergies, check with aunts, uncles, grandparents to see if they’ll step in. That way you can still visit and keep the pet “in the family.”
    • Sleepovers. Encourage your child to invite friends to sleep over and visit your home for play dates if she has trouble visiting friends with pets.
    • Outdoor Outings. If outdoor activities such as a picnic in the park cause allergy flare-ups, head to the ocean or a lake instead, which are often void of bothersome pollen and grasses.
    • Outdoor Sports. When outdoor field sports such as lacrosse or soccer set off allergies or asthma, look into martial arts, dance, or swim teams.
    • Indoor Outings. Visit library story hours, children’s museums, and indoor playgrounds if you need an activity when the pollen count is high.
    • Outdoor Play. Limit your allergic child’s outside play to between 5 and 10 a.m., when pollen counts are highest.
    • Washing Up. Get your child in the habit of showering or bathing and washing her hair every evening to wash off microscopic particles of pollens and grasses.
    • Take a break from allergies. Incorporate fun time for you and your child into your routine. This can be as simple as playing board games (or blowing off steam with a whipped cream fight) or as big as spending a week together at a sleep-away space camp. It’s easy for parents to become immersed in allergy lingo and treatment options, but it can become all you talk about with your child. Make sure you connect around other issues, like school, sports, or American Idol!

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