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    Life With Twins: Maureen Downey's Story

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    Reviewed by Louise Chang, MD

    Maureen Downey and her husband, Bo Emerson, conceived twins Rebecca and Joey with help from IVF 10 years ago. The couple, of Decatur, Ga., had two children conceived without assisted reproductive technology, but when the couple tried for a third child, Downey went through several miscarriages, so they turned to IVF. Maureen was 42 when they had two embryos transferred. They weren't trying to have twins, but they liked that possibility.

    Downey spoke to WebMD about her experiences:

    I was hopeful that both would take. I was quite happy with the prospect of twins. I didn't ask for two, and I didn't go into it thinking I'd have twins.

    I think it's different if you have never had any children. If this may be your one shot, I could certainly see why people would be interested in twins. But because this would be baby number 3 and our goal was three children, it wasn't that I went in there thinking, 'Gee, I really want to have twins.'

    The pregnancy was uneventful ... by that I mean that I was not on bed rest. But I did leave work earlier than I did with the other two [children], and I had a series of things I'd never had before including I had heartburn, which I'd never had in my life and I thought I was having a heart attack the first time I ever had it. And I had all sorts of minor aches and pains -- collectively, in that last month and a half of twin pregnancy, I found it much, much rougher and tiring [than her previous single-baby pregnancies.]

    Rebecca and Joey were born at 39 weeks -- nearly full term -- in a scheduled C-section. Downey's uterus didn't contract properly afterward, causing her to bleed.

    The aftermath of birth was more complicated than I had expected. I think I lost a third of my blood from hemorrhaging after they were born. I went home incredibly weak and anemic.

    In terms of recovering energy and stamina, that was a full-year process.

    Before the twins were born, Downey and Emerson had prepped the twins' nursery based on what they thought they would need.

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