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    The Vivid Dreams of Pregnant Women

    From dreams about journeys to nightmares about delivery, experts tell WebMD how pregnant women can decipher the secrets of their sleep.

    Nightmares During Pregnancy

    Nightmares, about labor and delivery as well as the baby and motherhood, are also common, as fears and anxieties are echoed in dreams.

    "There is a lot of concern during pregnancy, especially with a new mom," says Garfield. "This concern expresses itself in fearful dreams."

    For instance, a woman may dream she drops her baby, or she may dream that she is holding her baby and the baby comes apart, explains Garfield.

    "These dreams reflect anxiety related to whether or not a mother can handle a new baby," says Garfield. "Even if a woman is happy, pregnancy can stir a sense of uncertainty."

    While these dreams are normal, for many women, they can understandably cause worry.

    "Warnings that come in dreams should be taken seriously -- not literally," says Muller. "But I think it's worth mentioning anxiety dreams, which in general are normal, to your doctor. Experienced doctors know to listen to pregnant women, who know what's going on with their bodies, sometimes in an uncanny way."

    Sleep Soundly

    The plots of dreams during pregnancy vary from disconcerting, to beautiful and joyous.

    "There are many types of dreams during pregnancy, since it is the highest amount of dreaming that takes place during a woman's life," says Garfield. "Some of them are even beautiful -- dreams about birthdays, or holidays or ceremonies, which may reflect a conclusion or a joyful celebration."

    While a woman's dreams during pregnancy echo her changing condition, the baby growing within her, and her hopes and fears, she should keep in mind that they are normal and talk to her doctor when concerns arise, and for nine months, let the secrets of her sleep tell vivid and colorful stories.

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